favour the Functionality of Your Prostate!

Innovative dietary supplement
containing patented active ingredient

EFLA® 940
Pumpkin seed powder extract

Effective combination in the treatment
of urinary disorders and in preventing
the cause of prostatic hypertrophy.

The enlargement of the prostate is a common in men beginning
from the age of 40, and it is an ongoing process that over
time leads to the appearance of characteristic symptoms:

- Recurring sudden and pressing need to urinate
- Frequent urination, especially at night
- Sensation the bladder is not completely emptied after urination
- Slow, weak, often broken flow of urine
- Difficulty starting urination
- Involuntary loss of urine
- Pain or discomfort during urination or ejaculation

Despite the hassle, man doesn't mention it.
There is an effective relief, if you take it from the
beginning of the symptoms.

HEALTH PROST, thanks to its natural ingredients,
helps promote the normal functions of the male
urinary system and the prostate.

HEALTH PROST is dietary supplement, based
on vegetable extracts and natural ingredients, which
thanks to their antioxidant and protective properties
help maintain the regular functions of the prostate.

favours the normal functioning of the prostate
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